Fact Bubble - Achieved Milestone

Located in the Sinqobile Township, which surrounds the Barberton Mines, the primary school will provide education facilities to 950 learners from the Sinqobile community and surrounding areas including learners from two existing schools, the Dixie Primary School, which is in a poor condition, and the Fairview Primary school, which is currently overcrowded.The project was initiated in 2006, under Barberton Mines Socio-Economic Development Plan, when Fairview Primary School’s Governing Body in consultation with the recently formalised Sinqobile Community identified the need for additional education facilities for the community. Through the municipal township establishment process, Umjindi Local Municipality donated 4 hectares of land for a primary school in Sinqobile Township. The completed phases (phase one and two) of the project which were officially opened on 16 July 2012, include 16 classrooms, a kitchen facility, a sports field, two ablution blocks, school furniture and fencing. A 100m road was included to link the school to the Sinqobile Township.

The maintenance of the school will become the responsibility of the Department of Education, but Barberton Mines will continue to be involved.

Children Playing at school