We are committed to producing high-margin ounces safely and efficiently, while investing in our communities and minimising the environmental impact of our operations to meet our ESG strategy.


This is how we go Beyond Compliance.

At Pan African Resources, we’ve positioned ourselves as a profitable, high-margin gold producer with a sustainable and progressive business model. Our ESG investments are central to these objectives.

We understand the key role our host communities play in the long-term sustainability of our operations, and are passionate in driving social, economic and infrastructure development in these areas while protecting the natural environment. The Group is fully compliant with the guidelines of King IV, with independent audits of our mineral tenure, carbon tax, environmental and water-use licence obligations.

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We are committed to continuously reducing our CO2 gas emissions, freshwater demand and waste, as well as the rehabilitation and protection of our biodiversity and natural heritage.


We value our human capital, and are committed to responsible corporate citizenship and the highest levels of health and safety. We invest in a number of community development projects as part of our social licence to operate.


We are dedicated to ethical and effective leadership, with disciplined capital allocation for sustainable value creation and the efficient operation of our mines.


We are mindful of the significant role of climate change on the planet and continue to conduct our operations in such a way that causes the least possible harm to the environment.

Sustainability is integral to us meeting our strategy: To safely extract gold from our mineral deposits utilising our combined acumen, and to continue investing in a manner that generates compelling returns to ensure the long-term sustainability of our operations.

Our ounces aren’t just low cost economically, but environmentally too.

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United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:

We strive to make a significant and continuing contribution towards the UN SDGs. We identified 11 goals where we believe we can have a meaningful impact.

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