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on cultural projects

Cultural activities play an important role in our communities. We complement our community health, education and skills development initiatives with investments in community, sports and arts development.

Why this is important to Pan African:

  • Cultural activities help with overall youth development that can create healthy social relationships and foster social cohesion
  • Through engagement, we can identify and nurture youth talent in sports and the arts
  • To provide secure and safe public spaces for community members

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Performing arts development

We want to provide our host communities with opportunities to develop and express their artistic flare, and provide financial support for performing arts workshops in the Barberton community to nurture local music, film and video art talent. We are also studying the feasibility of sponsoring a film and music recording studio for the area in the future.

New Community Hall at Emjindini Township

We sponsored the building of a new community hall to provide a safe indoor community facility for residents of Emjindini Township to meet. The hall can also provide a source of income for the community and pay for its upkeep, as it can be hired out for private functions.

Sports development

Sport plays a positive social and youth development role in our host communities, we provide financial assistance to the local football associations in Barberton’s communities to nurture and develop talent, with a commitment of over US$ 53,100 to date.

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