0 million usd +
on community health projects
on Covid-19 measures
0 million
fatality-free shifts at our mines in 2020

We are dedicated to improving community health by investing in healthcare services and facilities as well as medical resources and nutritional programmes. Significant focus and resources have also been dedicated to supporting our communities during the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa

Our key objectives for community and occupational health and safety:

  • Supporting and expanding local health infrastructure facilities
  • Identifying and addressing community health and hygiene hazards to improve living standards
  • Striving towards zero fatalities and a strong safety culture across our sites

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Our Projects:

Implementing community health projects

We support a number of community health projects in the community around Barberton and Evander Mines:



Cathyville Clinic

Emjindini Township

Construction of an eight-hour day clinic creating access to healthcare for the community, at a cost of US$ 0.9 million.

St John Mission

US$ 4,600 in financial assistance to HIV/Aids orphans.

Home-based care support

Nutritional meals for community members and drop-in centres, as well as support for child-headed households and TB/ HIV patients, US$ 29,700 dedicated to date.

Upgrading of sewer line

Ext 18 and 25 Embalenhle

Promoting health and wellness to improve living standards in the Embalenhle area at a cost of US$ 519,300.

Covid-19 relief and assistance programme

Approximately 6 500 food and hygiene hampers have been distributed to NGOs and vulnerable families in our host communities.

Monitoring the health of our employees

We’re committed to minimising health risks through wellbeing programmes for our employees. Barberton Mines has three occupational health centres at each of its operations (Fairview, Sheba and New Consort Mines) that provide medical support and care to our employees.

The centres provide occupational medicine services for the following diseases:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Lifestyle diseases (Diabetes & Hypertension)
  • Silicosis
  • Noise-induced Hearing Loss (NHL)
  • Sporotrichosis
  • Covid-19

Ensuring the safety of our employees

The mining industry is associated with inherent safety risks. In light of this, each of our mining operations has its own in-house safety representatives, safety training programmes and incentives.

The main areas of concern for our safety committees include:

  • Reporting safety incidents to prevent recurrence of accidents
  • Ensuring employees are well-rested to prevent fatigue
  • Consequence management of unsafe behaviour
  • Maintaining and further improving our safety measures
  • Awareness programmes including safety campaigns and incentives

* In addition, our board-approved SHEQC policy serves as the safety blueprint for our entire organisation.

Overcoming COVID-19 pandemic challenges

Our primary focus areas are the health and safety of our staff and reducing the operational impact of the pandemic. We have established a COVID-19 steering committee to oversee our actions and risk reduction strategies.

Our main approach to overcoming the pandemic includes

  • Ongoing COVID-19 education and communication programmes
  • Provision of personal protective equipment
  • Body temperature checks
  • Isolation facilities available to employees

* Through proper planning and execution, we are maintaining strong production performance.

Our mine health and safety strategies comply with the Mine Health and Safety Act, and other guidelines provided by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, the National Institute of Communicable Disease and the Minerals Council of South Africa.

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