We’re committed to playing a key role in South Africa’s transformation journey and deliver meaningful direct and indirect social benefits in our host communities.


  • Building strong relationships with community members and leaders
  • Upholding fundamental human rights
  • Investing in meaningful community upliftment and empowerment projects
  • Catalysing sustainable development
  • Respecting cultures, customs and values
  • Engaging in open and inclusive dialogue

How we make a difference

Our mines play a significant developmental role in the communities around Barberton and Evander in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Through a strategic initiative of assisting host communities in becoming self-sustainable, our social development programmes are aimed at creating shared value, while anticipating and mitigating any potential negative social impacts of our activities.

From schools, clinics and infrastructure projects to identifying and funding new sustainable business opportunities, PAN African Resources is dedicated to social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

View our Community Upliftment Projects:


We’re converting 15 ha of land into a modern blueberry farm provides sustainable employment opportunities for the community of Barberton.


From new ECD, primary and secondary schools and facilities to skills development and training initiatives, PAR directly invests in our host communities’ education.


We’re dedicated to improving access to quality health services, providing a new clinic, as well as support for HIV/AIDS patients and orphans.


From electrification, water and waste management projects to new public lighting installations, we contribute to improving infrastructure of our host communities.


PAR actively identifies and supports community-based start-up businesses, and provides capital and equipment to established small businesses.


Through financial assistance to local football facilities, performing arts workshops and the development of local art, we can help nurture and develop talent.

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Community projects

Community Engagement

We recognise that continuous stakeholder and community engagement is key to cultivating a safe and healthy environment for all. We strive towards building relationships with our communities and engage with them about the issues they experience, so that we can take steps to resolve these collaboratively.

The group also promotes responsible supply chain management by encouraging our suppliers to support LED projects where possible.

Find out more about PAN African Resources’ community upliftment strategy.

Download our Sustainability Report

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