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We’re committed to reducing, reusing, recycling and disposing of our waste responsibly to minimise the impact of our operations on surrounding communities and the environment.

Responsible waste management is central to our business:

  • All our new tailings storage facilities are lined and monitored according to the Department of Water and Sanitation requirements
  • Transport, handling and disposal of all cyanide as per the South African Code for Cyanide Management
  • All chemical and reagent use is closely monitored to limit any environmental impact and reduce costs
  • Radioactive isotopes are managed in compliance with the Department of Health’s requirements and the Hazardous Substances Act

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Empowering our Communities: Barberton Buy-Back Centre

A waste Buy-Back Centre was commissioned by Barberton Mines in August 2020. There are approximately 55 waste collectors registered within a 50 km radius from the Barberton operational sites and four permanent employees are employed at the Buy-Back Centre. Once the business case for community waste recycling programme has been proven, the intention is to consider down-stream value-adding processes that will create additional local employment opportunities.

Responsibly processing mine waste

We process all non-mineral waste materials, such as plastics, steel, paper and timber, through recycling, reuse, off-site treatments or disposal processes at approved landfill sites. All our operations ensure responsible storage, treatment and disposal of non-mineral waste in an environmentally responsible way. We recycle or reuse waste materials wherever possible to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and minimise their impact on community health and the environment.

Hazardous waste

All hazardous waste is taken off-site by certified suppliers for final disposal at licenced hazardous waste landfills.


Cyanide is arguably the most hazardous substance used by any gold mining operation and we ensure that all our waste cyanide is disposed of in terms of the South African Code for Cyanide Management. Barberton Mines has a cyanide destruction plant that reduces cyanide residue to less than 50 ppm.


Mineral processing reagents are used by mines to extract base metals, precious metals and industrial minerals. A specialist team constantly monitors and regulates our reagent consumption, limits environmental impact and makes recommendations for optimisation.


The Group’s operations have been assessed and classified as low risk as a result of their low levels of radiological exposure. Radiation levels are monitored quarterly by a qualified radiation protection officer. Radiological clearances are also conducted at decommissioned sites.

E -waste

E-waste requires safe and traceable destruction and recycling. If not properly managed, typical toxins and contaminants including mercury, lead, beryllium, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals can be released into the environment, with much of this is done under the radar and often in contravention of environmental legislation. Pan African utilises approved waste contractors to recycle e- waste generated by operations to ensure responsible disposal and recycling.

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