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We aim to reduce our environmental footprint, with a fully funded land and mining rehabilitation programme that includes removing legacy waste materials, replanting indigenous flora and empowering our local communities.

Our environmental rehabilitation plan:

  • Decommissioning and closing of mine shafts at Evander Mines
  • Restoring natural balances, preserving water and attracting indigenous flora and fauna
  • Removal of legacy waste material from local rivers
  • Establishing sustainable community-based small enterprises
  • Eventually rehabilitate all land disturbed as a result of our mining

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Learn more about some of our conservation projects and how Pan African Resources is a leading innovator of mining rehabilitation in South Africa.

Land rehabilitation strategy

Land and water rehabilitation is an ongoing activity for Pan African Resources. Our rehabilitation activities are aimed at rejuvenating natural ecosystems and attracting indigenous plant and animal species.

Evander Mines’ rehabilitation strategy and implementation plan is reviewed on an ongoing basis and includes the rehabilitation of dormant and non-productive areas. This programme is fully financed by a US$ 16.6 million rehabilitation fund. Following the closure of the  older shafts, SMMEs from the local community were contracted to undertake rehabilitation programmes. These programmes include above-ground restoration, replanting natural flora, demolishing old office buildings and other structures as well as the removal of waste material.

At Barberton Mines, re-mining of tailings material frees up land for rehabilitation that can be used for alternative purposes. Already, excess land owned by the mine is being used by Pan African’s 15-ha blueberry farming project, with further areas earmarked for expansion. Other areas will be used for our planned solar photovoltaic renewable energy plant. We continue with local clean-up programmes,  removing legacy waste material from local rivers, which  not only preserves the region’s water systems but extracts the economic value of waste for the benefit of the local community members.

Dedicated Environmental Fund

The Group’s rehabilitation liability is fully funded by means of a Cenviro Solutions insurance investment product underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company Limited. These funds are invested in a portfolio comprising a combination of money market, capital market and equity instruments. Pan African’s audit and risk committee reviews the performance of this portfolio on a quarterly basis.

At Evander Mine, reprocessing of historic gold tailings will allow rehabilitation of the dump footprints, allowing alternate, more productive use of the land.

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