0 hectares
of protected nature reserve at Barberton
on rhino conservation per annum
0 km2
land rehabilitated in 2020

In addition to our efforts to preserve biodiversity while we mine, we drive a number of rehabilitation activities after mining has been completed to restore the natural balance, preserve water and attract indigenous flora and fauna.

Our biodiversity strategy:

  • Protection of the significant biodiversity and ecological value of the Barberton biome through collaboration and partnership agreements with the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA), the Barberton Nature Reserve
  • Continuously monitoring the tailings and pollution control dams to prevent negative biodiversity impact
  • Achieve full compliance with National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act 10 of 2004
  • Partnership with Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary to adopt orphaned rhinos
  • The removal of alien and invasive vegetation and furniture manufacture as a part of our community-based Small Enterprise Development Programme (SEDP)

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Preserving the biodiversity of Barberton

Barberton Mines operates within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with approximately 80 endemic species or plants and animals identified in the region to date.

With most of the mining at Barberton Mines conducted underground, the direct negative impact of our operations on these species is minimal. In addition, we work to actively protect and preserve the fauna and flora of the region through an extensive biodiversity programme with a particular focus on eradicating or controlling invasive species.

Partnership with Barberton Nature Reserve

Barberton Mines has partnered with Barberton Nature Reserve (BNR) and non-profit environmental organisation, Conservation Outcomes (CO) to maintain and improve the status of the Barberton-Makhonjwa World Heritage Site, a unique biome of endemic flora and fauna. The nature reserve has an important role to play in the regional economy through activities associated with natural, geological, cultural and historic tourism as well as wildlife economy, and the benefits provided to local communities.

Pan African Resources contributes financial management, technical support and expertise in working with the BNR to set and achieve ecological and biodiversity targets and indicators. Additional focus is placed on socio-economic beneficiation, according to the needs of community members living in and around the protected area.

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary

Barberton Mines has partnered with Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary (CfWRS) and adopted three recently orphaned rhino calves for the 2021 calendar year. Their names are Genesis, Ruby and Yster. Our goal is to provide financial support for their monthly care until they reach maturity and can be integrated back into larger herds.

CfWRS aims to develop the existing rehabilitation centre into a secure stronghold which will eventually accommodate 200 black and white rhinos in a viable, secure population. It works directly with local communities to create environmental protection and sustainable solutions into youth and community development programmes that provide jobs, conservation training and educational opportunities.

The rehabilitation of the rhinos includes fully equipped and secure facilities, feeding, medication and supplements, and veterinary services to ensure the protection and survival of this endangered species.

Evander Mines

Evander Mines is located within a biodiversity corridor that is not classified as a protected area. Environmental impact assessments were conducted ahead of the construction of Elikhulu which identified the need for a wetland offset to accommodate the new Elikhulu TSF. Pan African has implemented concurrent rehabilitation while mining our historical TSFs to reduce closure liabilities and restore areas to sustainable land use while operations are ongoing.

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