Barberton Tailings Retreatment Plant

Located within the Fairview Mine’s footprint area, the BTRP was designed to treat 100 000 tons of tailings per month and adds high-margin and low-risk ounces to our production profile. BTRP has the added benefit of turning our Barberton environmental rehabilitation liabilities into profits while also rehabilitating ground for more sustainable uses.

The remaining life-of-mine from current tailings sources is estimated at three years with production declining in the last two years. In the coming years, production at the BTRP is expected to be supplemented with ore from Barberton Mines’ Western Cross and Royal Sheba orebodies, where the extraction of a 10,000t bulk sample was successfully conducted. Mining the Royal Sheba orebody has the potential to increase the BTRP’s life by an estimated eight additional years.

Performance FY23