Evander Mine is a testament to maximizing the value of our asset portfolio. The 8 Shaft Pillar, a significant asset, reached steady-state production in June 2020, overcoming delays brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a mine life extending over a decade, our focus on the promising 24-Level Project offers investors a glimpse into a future of consistent yields and innovative operations.

Beyond just mining, our commitment to security and environmental responsibility sets us apart. Invest in Evander Mine, where tradition meets tomorrow’s gold mining vision.

Evander Mine Performance FY23

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Gold Produced
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Join Itumeleng Phoshoko, Pan African Resource’s Group Project Engineer, as she gives us an exclusive tour of the company’s impressive Evander complex. Find out how innovation and agile strategic thinking are finding great returns in one of the world’s largest unexploited gold orebodies.

The Evander Mine has showcased its robust performance for 2023 by producing 33,256 ounces of gold, with an impressive annual capacity set at 40,000 oz/annum. The mine operates with a dedicated team of 108 employees, complemented by 2,386 contractors. The mine boasts a projected life span of 13 years and operates with an AISC of 1.158.

Evander Gold Mine Performance

With the Egoli and 26 Level Project on track, a promising future is outlined in our recovered gold forecast, representing a golden opportunity for discerning investors. Dive into a venture where innovation meets tradition, and where every ounce recovered signifies growth and prosperity.

Evander Mines ESG Initiatives


Environmental Initiatives

  • Energy Management and Climate Change: Evander Mines operates a 9.9MW solar plant, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supplying 25% of Elikhulu’s annual power needs, and generating 23,510MWh of renewable solar energy. This results in approximately US$2 million in annual savings, with the mine closely monitoring and tracking emissions through consumption-based assessment.
  • Land and Resource Use: The mine emphasizes efficient water use and management with a 3ML per day water retreatment plant, utilizing reverse osmosis technology to treat underground wastewater and reduce municipal water consumption. Evander Mines is rated as low-risk to baseline water stress and biodiversity impact.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: Committed to minimizing environmental risks, Evander Mines maintains air and water quality within legal limits, reduces its carbon footprint, and manages waste responsibly.


Social Initiatives

  • Community Engagement: Evander Mines actively engages with local communities, providing socio-economic support, job creation, infrastructure development, and committing to enhance education by building fully equipped computer and science laboratories at local schools. Health and wellness initiatives are also in place.
  • Employee Well-being and Labor Relations: Ensuring a safe working environment and fair labor practices, the mine complies with labor legislation, engages with recognized trade unions, and strives for continual engagement on material issues affecting employees.


Governance Initiatives

  • Corporate Governance: Upholding high standards of transparency, accountability, and integrity, Evander Mines ensures compliance through diligent board oversight, transparent reporting, and strict anti-corruption measures.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The mine actively engages with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Through these comprehensive ESG initiatives, Evander Gold Mines solidifies its role as a responsible and sustainable entity in the mining sector, actively working to minimize its environmental impact, contribute positively to the local community, and uphold high standards of governance.

Related Questions:

How deep is Evander gold mine?

The depth of Evander Gold Mine is approximately 2.4 kilometers (about 1.49 miles) below the surface. This information is based on the data from the Evander Operation provided by miningdataonline.com, which states that the Evander Mines consist of 8 Shaft underground operations, with some parts reaching this significant depth. 

What is the lifespan of the Evander gold mine?

The lifespan of the Evander Mines’ underground operations is projected to be 13 years.