130 year
Mining Legacy

The operations that make up the Group’s Barberton Mines complex have been operating for over 100 years and include the Fairview, Consort and Sheba Mines. These flagship mines are long-life, high-grade operations that produce some 80,000oz of gold per year with an excellent safety record. Barberton Mines has a life of mine estimated at 20 years within the currently identified Mineral Resources. The team at Barberton Gold Mines achieved the milestone of 3 million fatality free shifts in June 2020.

Fairview Mine
is the birthplace of BIOX® (Biological Oxidation), an environmentally friendly process of releasing the gold from the sulphide that surrounds the gold, using organisms that perform this process naturally and is still used as the training facility for all BIOX® plants globally. Sheba Mine is one of the oldest and richest working gold mines in the world.

Operational and Performance Review 2021

Performance FY21

Operational & Performance review 2021
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Gold Produced
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~Annual capacity
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life of mine
Diagram illustrating operational performance by asset for mining in Barberton, focusing on Fairview, Sheba and Consort mines
Diagram illustrating operational performance of Fairview Mine based on mining platform footprints.
Data illustrating the operational performance by asset for Barberton underground operations, Project DIBANISA.

Related Questions

How many mines are there in Barberton?

There are four mines in Barberton, including Fairview Mine, Sheba Mine, New Consort Mine and Agnes Mine. Gold mining is the main operation at all four mines. The Barberton area is abundant with gold-bearing reefs.

How many mines are there in Mpumalanga?

There are more than 200 mines in Mpumalanga as listed on the official Department of Mineral Resources website. This includes 13 gold mining operations.