Evander Gold Mine

Mining Legacy

Evander Mine is a testament to maximising the value of our asset portfolio. The 8 Shaft Pillar, a significant asset, reached steady-state production in June 2020, overcoming delays brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a mine life extending over a decade, our focus on the promising 24-Level Project offers investors a glimpse into a future of consistent yields and innovative operations.

Beyond just mining, our commitment to security and environmental responsibility sets us apart. Evander Mine, where tradition meets tomorrow’s gold mining vision.

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Performance FY23

Evander Mines’ underground operations have a life-of-mine of 13 years, which includes production planned from Levels 24, 25, and 26, but excludes expected production from Egoli. During the phased depletion of the 8 Shaft pillar mining over the next two years, the operational focus will shift to mining from Level 24, which is expected to yield approximately 35,000 oz annually for a period of two and a half years. Four crews have already been transferred in the current financial year. Thereafter, the Level 25 and 26 project is anticipated to ramp up to produce approximately 65,000 to 70,000 oz per annum for eight years.

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The Vast Potential Of Evander

Join Itumeleng Phoshoko, Pan African Resource’s Group Project Engineer, as she gives us an exclusive tour of the company’s impressive Evander complex. Find out how innovation and agile strategic thinking are finding great returns in one of the world’s largest unexploited gold orebodies.

The Evander Mine has showcased its robust performance for 2023 by producing 33,256 ounces of gold, with an impressive annual capacity set at 40,000 oz/annum. The mine operates with a dedicated team of 108 employees, complemented by 2,386 contractors. The mine boasts a projected life span of 13 years and operates with an AISC of 1.158.

Evander Gold Mine Performance

With the Egoli and 26 Level Project on track, a promising future is outlined in our recovered gold forecast, representing a golden opportunity for discerning investors. Dive into a venture where innovation meets tradition, and where every ounce recovered signifies growth and prosperity.

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Focus For 2024

Our primary objective for the upcoming year is to achieve optimal performance at our underground operations. We are fully committed to extracting the maximum value from our current orebodies by prioritising continuous optimisation, adhering to mine plans, and diligently managing capital expenditure in alignment with mining requirements and organic growth objectives.

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To accomplish these goals, we have identified several key focus areas for the year ahead:

  • – Phased transferring of mining crews from the 8 Shaft pillar mining areas to the 24 Level areas as the pillar reaches depletion
  • – Commissioning the ventilation shaft hoisting project
  • – Installing phase 2 of the underground refrigeration plant on 24 Level to enable planned mining activities
  • – Prioritising the development of the necessary raise lines on 24 Level to access Mineral Reserves and accommodate the transitioning crews from the 8 Shaft pillar
  • – Initiating development towards the 25 Level Mineral Reserves
  • – Continuation of brownfield exploration programmes to identify additional organic growth opportunities within Evander Mines’ existing mining right.

Through a focused and dedicated approach to fulfilling these objectives, we have confidence in our ability to drive performance.

Evander Mines ESG Initiatives

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