To safely extract gold from our mineral deposits utilising our combined acumen, and to continue investing in our assets in a manner that generates compelling returns to ensure the long-term sustainability of our operations.

Pan African resources honey bader logo with text Pan African Resources in a grey block with the graphic of a honey badger above it

Our new logo features the honey badger.

On a continent gifted with the most incredible array of wildlife on the planet, including elephant, rhino and lion, why would you choose the honey badger to represent the spirit of your organisation?

Of course, those other animals are photogenic and majestic and are used endlessly as symbols of strength and leadership. But the honey badger doesn’t care about any of this because he is hard at work in the background, low-key but incredibly productive, just doing work and getting things done. Too busy taking care of business to pose for tourists’ pictures.

Honey badgers are small but incredibly fierce, they have been known to face down lions and win.

They are hardworking loners, entrepreneurs really, scouting the veld and finding the honeycomb of the aggressive African bee with uncanny skill. Then they extract it with claws ideally suited to the task, protected from bee stings by the thick protective black and white fur that is so distinctive. They dig deep, protect their families with a fierceness that is unmatched and never stop working, through rain or drought.

When you look at the honey badger like this, see it the way we do, how could we have chosen any other animal? A little thing that you may not have noticed is the shape of the sun rising over the landscape hidden in the image of the badger. This is a subconscious nod to our commitment to being a sunrise organisation, uncompromisingly forwardfocused and future-proofed with innovative technologies, practices and values woven into every aspect of our