Our Strategy

Our strategy focuses on safely and efficiently extracting value from mineral deposits, while prioritising the long-term sustainability of our business. We use our combined knowledge and skills to approach mining entrepreneurially, generating strong returns for our stakeholders.

Incorporating the six capitals is essential to achieving our objectives. We annually review our strategic initiatives to ensure alignment with our purpose, vision, and commitment to sustainable value creation, thereby allowing us to effectively utilise our resources to deliver value to all our stakeholders

Our initiatives are designed to align with the six capitals, balancing trade-offs to create and preserve value for stakeholders. This approach ensures we consider how value is created across all operations, safeguarding the environment and prioritising our people’s well-being.

Financial Capital

Ensure adequate, competitively priced and flexible financial resources for the funding of our operations and disciplined capital allocation for sustainable long-term value creation.


Our portfolio of growth projects and expansion opportunities has been rigorously evaluated and meets our strict investment criteria, ensuring that we can deliver long-term value to our shareholders.


We prioritise sustainable profitability, growth and expansion through disciplined cost and cash flow management, strategic capital allocation and prudent capital spending.


The availability and cost of electricity are critical input factors in achieving our production targets and maintaining profitability. We strive to continuously improve the efficient use of water and electricity at our operations.


We continuously explore for new mineral deposits and down-dip extents of our known deposits, while improving underground mining efficiency and flexibility, as well as further optimising our tailings operations.

Manufactured Capital

Unlock the full potential of our Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves through sustainable extraction and processing, while embracing renewable energy. This paves the way for a responsible and prosperous mining future.

Intellectual Capital

Optimise the use of technology and harness the expertise of our teams to consistently deliver safe, reliable, efficient and responsible mining operations.

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Image from a far distance with mountains and forestry in the background

Innovation and opportunity

Our entrepreneurial and performance-driven culture fosters innovation, while diversifying our portfolio and investing in sustainable solutions enhances long-term profitability and contributes to a sustainable future.

Human Capital

Attract, cultivate and retain exceptional talent while fostering a culture of safety, respect and continuous learning.

Innovation and opportunity

We prioritise the development and retention of our people through transparent and constructive relationships with our employees and unions to address diversity, inclusivity and the challenge of an ageing workforce.

Talent and skills

We prioritise employee health and safety and maintain stringent physical and cybersecurity measures to ensure responsible and sustainable operations. This creates a safe working environment that fosters employee trust and confidence.

Natural Capital image of solar plant from the Evander location

Natural Capital

Manage our operations with climate-conscious practices that preserve and protect natural resources and promote sustainability.

Biodiversity and decarbonisation

We uphold environmental preservation as a top priority and actively participate in programmes aimed at promoting biodiversity and supporting decarbonisation efforts. This commitment contributes to stakeholder value by minimising environmental impacts, mitigating regulatory risks and fostering positive community relationships.

Tailings management

We are committed to responsible tailings management, including the rehabilitation and recycling of waste products, to minimise the impact on the environment, mitigate risks, ensure regulatory compliance and uphold stakeholder trust.

Unemployment and social responsibility

We manage community expectations and mitigate social unrest through development projects and employment opportunities.

Beyond compliance

We adopt a ‘beyond compliance’ approach, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements while actively seeking opportunities to exceed these requirements for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Social and Relationship Capital

Engage stakeholders to build positive relationships, maintain our social licence to operate and create sustainable value.

Social and Relationship Capital. Blueberry farming in Barberton.