Mining activities make a significant contribution to the national economy and create financial opportunities for the local economies in which they operate. Pan African Resources recognises its responsibility to be a socially responsible corporate citizen.

Why communities are material to Pan African Resources

As employers and valuable contributors to the nation’s economy, Pan African Resources has a key role to play in South Africa’s transformation journey and a moral obligation to deliver meaningful direct and indirect social benefits for local communities. Through local community investments, we support initiatives that benefit communities and promote their sustainable development. Understanding and proactively managing the impacts of mining on communities is integral to the success of our operations.

Management Approach

Pan African Resources operates mines in the Barberton and Evander regions of the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Each of our operations has developed programmes aimed at optimising the benefits we offer communities by creating shared value, while at the same time anticipating and mitigating any potential negative social impacts of our activities. Our approach centres on:
◗ building strong relationships with community members and leaders
◗ upholding fundamental human rights
◗ investing in meaningful community upliftment and empowerment projects
◗ catalysing sustainable development
◗ respecting cultures, customs and values
◗ engaging in open and inclusive dialogue.

We recognise that continuous stakeholder and community engagement is key to cultivating a safe and healthy environment for all. We are working towards building better relationships with our communities over time and inviting those stakeholders to engage with us through established community forums about the issues they experience, so that we can take steps to resolve these collaboratively. Our mine representatives attend monthly and quarterly community forum meetings to address community concerns.

The community steering committee, established by the Elikhulu team to represent Evander Mines and all relevant community stakeholders, continues to engage with the Evander community to address grievances and concerns. Mine representatives attend monthly and quarterly human settlement and LED meetings of Govan Mbeki Municipality.


The Mining Charter and Social and Labour Plans

The Mining Charter and social and labour plans The Mining Charter III sets out targets for the mining industry in terms of social development and community upliftment. We comply with the requirements of the MPRDA and submit annual progress reports on our SLPs to the DMR. To minimise any negative social impacts from our mining operations, we monitor, measure and manage our social and economic impact in line with approved SLPs.

All SLP processes are conducted through recognised municipal structures and we review our SLP spend regularly, based on our available financial resources and legislative requirements. In the 2019 financial year, no fines or sanctions were received for non-compliance with social or economic laws and/or regulations.


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Corporate Social Investment

Corporate and social responsibility is the group’s overall contribution to society, including its role as social investor, employer and capacity builder. We continue to drive various community-focused development projects in the areas and communities in which we operate. The group also promotes responsible supply chain management by encouraging our suppliers to support LED projects where possible.