Mintails Project: Spearheading Economic Revival in Gold Mining

Mintails Spurs Economic Revival

A new generation of South African mining companies is changing long-held perceptions that the country’s gold mines are deep, dangerous and dirty.

While a few large mine houses are still extracting ore from operations as deep as four kilometres (such as Mponeng on

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PAR’s Innovative Approach Against Illegal Mining

PAR’s Innovative Approach Against Illegal Mining Illegal gold mining in South Africa is a serious problem with devastating consequences. The cost of illegal mining activities can be measured in lost lives, revenue, governance challenges, environmental degradation, and social instability. It goes without saying that illegal mining and sustainability are incompatible.
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Extending Horizons: PAR’s Strategic Approach to Mine Longevity

Extending Horizons: PAR’s Strategic Approach to Mine Longevity Gold is one of the world’s most endearing store of value. It is finite and cannot be created, unlike paper money where the creation of more paper money is always possible and destroys value. Gold is finite and has to be mined,
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Construction to kick off at Mintails Mogale Gold


Re-mining of the Mogale Gold TSFs, a crucial component of the mogale tailings retreatment project and one of the two tailings facilities comprising Pan African Resources’ recently acquired Mintails SA assets, will increase the Group’s annual gold

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