National Budget 2021 Behind The Tax Cuts

South Africans could afford a slight sigh of relief as finance minister Tito Mboweni outlined a national budget for 2021/2022 that included tax cuts for both consumers and business in his 24 February Budget Speech.

Less than a year ago, the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) outlined the need to increase taxes by R40 billion over ➤

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Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Gold Shares

Basics Of Gold Shares Explained 

When considering investing in gold shares, it’s necessary to understand the fact that you’re not investing in physical gold but rather an investment security; most commonly this will be an ETC – the commodity version of an exchange-traded fund (ETF). An ETC will track the price of gold bullion (called ‘exposure’), but a gold mutual fund will typically ➤

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How to Invest in Gold

Investing in Gold in 2021

There are many advantages of investing in gold. Gold investments can be used to hedge against inflation; for growth or income; or to diversify an investment portfolio. Each investment avenue has its own risk and return profiles, liquidity characteristics and fees; and there is no one-size-fits-all or single best way to ➤

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Gold set to pass $2 000 in 2020? Best Investment Options

Gold set to pass $2 000 in 2020?

As gold’s fortunes continue to rise, investors are searching for the gold stock best positioned to capitalise on the metals’ sustained increase in value. Mining companies with optimum production costs and a strong, well-managed mine portfolio are an especially desirable stock. PAN African Resources’ Chief Executive ➤

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