Evander Mines’ 24 Level is currently in its construction phase, with all development and infrastructure installation progressing according to plan.

Mining the 24 Level will extend the production profile of the underground mining at 8 Shaft, post extraction of the 8 Shaft pillar, for an additional two and a half years and is expected to maintain annual production output. Once exploited, 24 Level will be replaced by mining at 25 and 26 Levels in future years.

Preliminary work has commenced at Egoli where dewatering of the 3 Decline commenced in June 2022.

Once dewatering is completed, an assessment of the installed infrastructure and the development end will be possible. Access to additional mining areas may also be possible following this assessment. Reserve delineation drilling will then be undertaken to more accurately define the Egoli payshoot’s grade variability for early mining.

A table and bar graph with data depicting Near Term Organic Growth of Evander Mines
A table depicting Near Term Organic Growth of Evander Mines