Fact Bubble - Achieved Milestone

Operating a 1,200m2 piece of land donated by the mine, the produced vegetables are sold to the local supermarkets, such as Pick n Pay, hawkers, schools and households.In February 2012, the team at Barber ton Mines officially handed over the Vegetable Project to its seven beneficiary members and the Provincial Department of Agriculture.The Mines will continue to transfer business management skills to the beneficiaries through continued monitoring and mentoring of the project and also provide the required water and electricity.

The Vegetable Project has yielded successful results and is deemed a blueprint for such future projects. A similar project is therefore earmarked for the Umjindi trust area and is budgeted for in the 2012/2013 financial year at a cost of ZAR240,000.

This project, albeit small, is a real success story and proof of the successes that can be achieved.