Pan African Resources believes that in order to create an operationally sustainable business, the flow of communication and interests of stakeholders must overlap. Only through the consideration of all the stakeholders, will the business succeed in aligning the needs and requirements of all, so that the business can operate in balance and harmony.

The stakeholder groups need to constantly overlap, in terms of understanding and communication, to create the core of collective interest. Should any of the stakeholders move away from the core, the business shall falter in its attempts to remain sustainable.

SHEQC Diagram

The South African Government has set targets for the mining industry in terms of social development and community upliftment that are laid out in the Mining Charter. We strive to meet as well as exceed these targets as the creation of a community where opportunity and development is available to all supports our efforts for a successful mining operation.

Employees and communities should also benefit from our mining activities, and we continue to under take a number of community projects to which we provide funding and support. Our goal is that these projects become fully sustainable organisations in their own right.


Our sustainability is intrinsically linked to our stakeholder and we remain cognisant of our responsibilities to our employees, our communities and our stakeholders.

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