Overview of progress



Our focus for 2016 What we achieved Self-assesmnet
Achieving and maintaining a fatality-free year One fatality at Evander Mines red-drop
Continuing to improve safety indicators towards achieving zero harm Improvements noted in operations orange-drop
Establishing cross-operations safety, health and environmental audit teams and conducting internal audits bi-annually Internal audits are ongoing orange-drop
Establishing a central electronic safety, health and environmental system for improved management control Implemented a central electronic database system at all operations with the exception of Phoenix Platinum and Uitkomst Colliery green-drop
Establishing formal Fatal Risk Standards that will incorporate elements such as: fall of ground, gassing, trackless mobile machinery, rail-bound equipment and underground fires Code of practices in place that serve as best practice green-drop


The group safety trend for TRIFR, LTIFR and RIFR has regressed compared to the 2015 rates. The group fatal injury frequency rate (FIFR) remained at 0.07 (2015: 0.07).We are committed to continually improving safety and we endeavour to work towards zero harm.

Each mining operation has its unique in- house training programmes, aligned to the group’s strategic objective of zero harm. Safety, health and environmental training is included in induction for new employees as well as in refresher courses when employees return from leave. Training also includes job-specific training. To address the ongoing safety risk that illegal miners pose at our gold mine operations, a biometric clocking system has been installed to prevent, as far as possible, illegal miners accessing the underground operations.

To further improve on document control, the group implemented a safety dashboard system that will assist in the close-out of all actions, management of safe operating procedures and code of practices.

During the year under review, the group implemented an internal safety stoppage instruction system where any employee is able to stop operations posing a risk to employees’ safety. This was implemented to improve our safety performance and to address the group’s challenges of DMR safety stoppage instructions. The group continues to actively engage and strengthen relations with the DMR Inspectorate.

As a result of a review of the way in which safety data is collated and reported across operations, management identified that reporting of safety incidents at Evander Mines had been understated and that the information from the 2015 financial year was not an appropriate base to benchmark the 2016 safety statistics.

Following internal management investigations, the system for reporting of safety statistics was rectified and a new safety tracking database was implemented across all operations, to ensure the accurate and complete reporting of safety data going forward for future benchmarking. In addition, the management structure at Evander Mines was revised to bolster the safety reporting.

A turnaround strategy was implemented to reduce accidents and instil a culture of safe behaviour, which included:
• The introduction of a safe production intervention strategy aimed at curbing the accident rates
• The implementation of a stop note initiative that empowered all employees to immediately stop unsafe working environments
• The introduction of a new safe declaration procedure, which incorporates an intense incident investigation process to identify root causes of safety
• The restructuring of the safety department
• The implementation of regular internal safety audits.

Following the implementation of the abovementioned measures, there was a noticeable improvement in Evander Mines’ safety rates in the third and fourth quarters of FY2016.