Environment and Water


Overview of progress

Our focus for 2016 What we achieved Self-assesmnet
Continuing to embed and establish internal environmental targets and objectives within all operations The targets and objectives have been embedded within operations and these are measured on an ongoing basis green-drop
Continuing to create awareness and change behaviour in respect of environmental impacts Over and above the policies and procedures in place, we implemented a SHEQC dashboard to reinforce awareness and change behaviours green-drop


Pan African Resources is committed to responsible stewardship of natural resources and the environment to eliminate or minimise the negative impacts of our operations.

Environmental management is integrated into management practices throughout our operations. The group is steadfast in its commitment to enhancing its approach to reducing its impact on the environment and its environmental objectives include:
• Achieving zero penalties for environmental breaches
• Achieving the internal environmental targets established for reducing the group’s carbon footprint
• Ensuring compliance with water use licence conditions.

Environmental impact assessments have been conducted and impact and aspect registers are available for each operation, which are reviewed annually to ensure compliance with environmental legislation. All operations have assessed the environmental risk associated with the transport of goods and materials and established that there are no significant environmental impacts from these activities. Any cyanide transported to Barberton Mines and Evander Mines is taken by a supplier-approved transporter. Emergency response trailers are stationed onsite at Barberton Mines, BTRP and Evander Mines to deal with spillages.


Water quality in the areas surrounding operations is vigilantly monitored and managed. Surrounding surface and ground water is monitored to prevent polluted water being discharged. The discharge of water by our operations through controlled releases into the environment is pre-determined through regulatory requirements and is in line with our water use licences.