Evander Gold Mines

Resources and Reserves


Operations at a glance

Operation Name Evander Mines
Parent and ownership percentage Pan African Resources PLC (100% attributable)
Company name Evander Gold Mining (Pty) Ltd
Country of operation South Africa
Provincial jurisdiction Mpumalanga
Number of employees 2,418
Number of contractors 779
Commodity being mined Gold
Geological setting Evander Mines exploits the Kimberley reef in the Evander Basin
Mining method Underground conventional scraper mining, rail-bound equipment, with some trackless mechanised development
Extraction method CIL/CIP hybrid plant
Name Plate Annual Production
Tonnage (t) 480,000
Head Grade (g/t) 5.7g/t (Including development waste tonnes)
Gold produced (oz) 95,000oz (105,000oz including ETRP)
Cash cost US$954/oz
Capex per annum ZAR150 million
LOM 16 years



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