Operations at a glance

Operation Name Evander Tailings retreatment plant project
Parent and ownership percentage Pan African Resources PLC (100% attributable)
Company name Evander Gold Mines (Pty) Limited (South African incorporated)
Country of operation South Africa
Provincial jurisdiction Mpumalanga
Number of employees 12
Number of contractors 7
Commodity being mined Gold
Geological setting Kinross Tailings dams situated at Evander mines
Mining method Hydro-mining of tailings dams
Extraction method CIL
Name Plate Annual Production
Tonnage (t) 2,400,000
Head Grade (g/t) 0.3g/t
Gold produced (oz) 20,000oz
Cash cost US$554/oz
Sustainable capital per annum ZAR2 million
LOM 15 years

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